A complete set of tools for Academies and Clubs

Manage teams plus data driven database of matches and trainings with enriched player profiles.

Explore The Richest Player Profile Ever

All Moments Ready to Download and Share

Filter, Sort and Rank your top players in each category

( top score, top assists and top Gk) 

Data Driven dashboard to manage your clubs events and players

including Team Stats, Trends And Insights ,Moments Hub ,Game Timeline

collect your video and physical stats with the latest AI-powered cameras and sensors to have a data-driven simple dashboard

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Unleash the power of Advance Analytics

Moments Hub

A video hub where you can watch all moments, filterable by the type of moment (goals, assists, saves,…), for your own teams or opponents, and players. All the videos related to you in one place!

Game Timeline

Here you can see all the actions of each match, separated by each half, and over the timeline of your game. All the actions are linked to the videos of those specific moments and by clicking on each moment you can watch it with its details.

Trends & Insights

Based on the data from all your matches and trainings, here’s where the coach observe trends and drives insights from the games data. Your team leaderboards, top performers, and opponent insights are all here.

Team Stats

A page where you have all the important data about your team in one place. This is a hub for the coaches to check the pulse on the overall team stats, with a shortcut to the video of all actions.

Player Stats

Player stats are unique profiles of each player where all the videos and stats of each player is shown, with a shortcut to watch their moments. Player attributes could be seen based on the player performance.

Physical Stats

If your team is using wearable trackers (fitness or heart-rate) from every brand, your team’s physical data of matches and trainings will be here to observe, plan training sessions, and monitor their progress over time.

Player Comparison/Progress

The performance and physical attributes of players could be compared with other players on their team. Player could also be compared with themselves in other matches or trainings to monitor their progress.

Player Performance

This elite features is for teams or clubs that are using physical trackers and every player’s performance based on the hardware will be shown per game or per season.

Analysis Panel

This elite feature is for technical/tactical analysts and coaches where they can integrate their unique notes, add extra layers of customized tagging, and extract gameplay scenarios to review at analysis meetings with the staff and players.

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