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Optimize your recruiting, analytics and scouting. You can pull reports, access match details, download/share your favorite highlights within a few seconds.

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Rewire Yourself

Rewiring yourself in sport refers to the process of changing your mindset, habits, and behavior’s in order to improve your performance and reach your goals. This can involve setting specific, measurable goals and creating a plan to achieve them, as well as working on mental skills such as visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk.


Internet Of Things (IoT)

We rely on additional data that comes from our trusted partners and their IoT devices. Our software is flexible to work with all build and brands, but our major partners are Footbar for fitness and Polar for heart-rate.



We use AI-powered cameras to record the whole field for the whole duration of the match with interactive and ball tracking ability.  We also use computer vision to determine important actions of the game.

Online Operator

We have our own proprietary software that helps our taggers and operators verify and validate game actions and AI-suggested important moments.

SR in Numbers









All-In-One App

Our all-in-one app helps clubs, academies, and football schools with team and player management, advanced analytics, team and players best moments and actions, video-rich player profiles, 

Smart Runners is implementing AWS Working Backwards methodology to design customer-centric products.


Connecting Soccer players around the world to professional clubs, academies, global community and legends of the game through technology and data-driven performance analytics.

We strive to become LinkedIn for footballers with verified and visual data

Join The challenges in your city

Look for smart events and challenges that come to your city and neighborhood to showcase your skills, win matches and tournaments where every action and magical moment is recorded and presented in leaderboards, and team or player highlight reels. 


Our team has attended the above international events, and we’re always looking for the next exciting event in Sports and Tech.


We are thrilled to have been involved with these forward-looking clubs and organizations as pioneers of implementing technology and data in their professional and talent development programs.


Here are our partners in data collection and technical/tactical analysis.

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